I have been working as a childminder for many years. First in association with childminding agency de Kom and for some years now in association with childminding agency Gastkind in Bergen op Zoom. I am married to Jacob and together we have a son. We live in a  semi-detached house opposite a small playground.

I realise that when you go to work, you must have a good feeling about your child’s daycare. You must know that your child is in a safe place, a cosy home where it can grow and develop at its own pace and is stimulated to do so. I like to look after children, read them stories, play games, to stimulate their creative talents and to play outside in our garden, or in front of our house or in one of the various playgrounds available in our neighborhood. Children play in a specially for them created area in the living room where toys are frequently alternated. There is the possibility for each child to sleep during the afternoon, or whenever they need to, in  separate bedrooms so they can wake up with new energy to play and discover the world around.

I think it is important to:

  • provide a cosy homely atmosphere,

  • a steady daily routine,

  • observe the child and provide what it needs,

  • pay attention to standards and values,

  • work actively with the children

  • interact respectfully

  • provide a consistent approach to the child

  • maintain a friendly open communication

  • have some clear “rules”.

I am a registered childminder.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Nina M. de Baan – de Rijk