Privacy Policy

Regarding the AVG (General data processing act) I would like to state the following.

You won’t find any photo’s of the children on my website as to protect their privacy.

After you’ve contacted me via the form on my site and I’ve replied you’re e-mail will be deleted.

A number of forms will have to be signed before the daycare will actually start. These will be stored in a safe. When you have no more need for daycare and the contract between us ends the forms will be shredded and put in the dustbin in a sealed plastic bagg.

Photo’s taken during daycare, if you have given consent through signing a form, will only be shared with the parents of the children seen in the photo. I will have to warn you that photo’s are only for private use and should not be shared via social media or any other form of communication as to protect the privacy of the other children in the photo.

My laptop and smartphone are well protected with encryption and passwords.