I have a special cosy area for the children where they can alternately play with different toys. There is a wide range of toys that will allow the children to develop their imagination. Lego Primo, Duplo, regular Lego, a wooden farm with animals, K'Nexx, garage with cars, doll’s house, wooden train and wooden building blocks. There is also a wide range of toys for babies to play with whilst in the playpen, a baby gym mat and a babies sway swing. Story books are read on a daily base as its not only good for the imagination but also good for language development. At the dining room table we play games and make jigsaw puzzles.

We regularly go outside. In our garden the children can play on a swing, with a water- and sand table. In front of our house there is a playing field and a small playground.

Throughout our neighborhood there are several playgrounds which we visit from time to time.

There are a variety of educational toys available. In also work with the VVE-program Kiki (a preschool program called KiKi, Kansen in Kinderen which means Chances for Children).

We regularly craft things from paper and other materials taking various themes such as seasons and festive days into account. Sometimes biscuits or cakes are baked, which allows the children to show their creativity when decorating the baked products. We also dance to music and sing children’s songs.





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